Rooney Mara, Kate Beckinsale at Costume Designers Guild Awards

Rooney Mara, Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Moretz and Penelope Ann Miller were among the guests who came out to celebrate costume design in TV and film at the 14th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday night at the Beverly Hilton.

“We are celebrating the spirit of collaboration between actors and costume designers,” said actress Jane Lynch, the mistress of ceremonies for the evening. She went on to talk about her experience on “Glee” with costume designer Lou Eyrich, who got her start way back when as a stylist for Manhattan Transfer.

“The first fitting, she gave me an off-the-rack Adidas track suit,” Lynch remembered. “She had ripped it apart. But I am so hard to fit, she just said, ‘We are going to have to make them for you.’ Now, I have 35 custom track suits in my wardrobe closet. And you won’t rip that track suit off my body until it goes into the Smithsonian.”

After being introduced by “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, Eyrich was honored with a Career Achievement in Televison Award, as well as winning the award for Outstanding Contemporary TV Series, along with co-designer Jennifer Eve, for “Glee.”

“This job is like being handed a script, pushed off a cliff, and having to have the crew dressed and ready before you hit the ground,” Eyrich said in her acceptance speech. Susanah Buxton won the award for Outstanding Made For Television Movie or Miniseries for her costumes in “Downton Abbey,” and John A. Dunn and Lisa Padovani took top honors for Outstanding Period/Fantasy TV Series for ”Boardwalk Empire.”

In the film category, Trish Summerville took the award for Excellence in Contemporary Film for “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” And in fact, with her tattoos and blonde rockabilly hairdo, Summerville looked a bit like the title character Lisbeth Salander herself. During her acceptance speech, Summerville thanked Mara “for letting me torture you … and try to make you ugly, even though it didn’t work.”

Arianne Phillips won the award for Excellence in a Period Film for bringing to life two fashion icons for the ages, the duke and duchess of Windsor, in the film “W.E.” “I’ve never even won bingo!” she said with surprise. Phillips went on to praise the film’s director, Madonna, for being “courageous” and ”an inspiration.”  Jany Temime was honored for Excellence in Fantasy Film for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.”

     And Roseanne Fiedler’s “Country Dirt Cowgirl” spot for Swiffer was recognized for Excellence in Commercial Costume Design. “This commercial was fun,” Fiedler said on stage. “I had to make dirt look pretty.”

Speaking of pretty, there was a wonderfully quirky glamour in the fashion choices for the evening, beginning with the vintage 1960s Pierre Cardin gown Eyrich picked up at L.A.’s vintage boutique The Way We Wore. “I’ve never worn pink in my life,” she said. Her collaborator on “Glee,” Jessica Eve, chose a leopard dress and matching hat by L.A. milliner Gladys Tamez.  Sandy Powell was in a copper-colored, spider-webby, plastic beaded dress “borrowed from Vivienne Westwood.” Westwood, the grand dame of quirky glam, was a favorite choice for the night. Moretz and Beckinsale also wore gowns by the British designer.

Phillips, meanwhile, was clad in an emerald green Lanvin dress, with a Roger Vivier peacock feather clutch in hand. And Miller, who appears in “The Artist,” chose a deep, mustard yellow silk charmeuse gown from the spring 2012 runway collection by Ismaylova, an up-and-coming London label with Russian roots. ”I had never heard of the designer,” Miller said. “But I love it.”

–Booth Moore

14th Annual CDG Awards


* Winners announced on February 21, 2012 
at the awards gala

Excellence in Contemporary Film:
“Bridesmaids” – Leesa Evans and Christine Wada
“The Descendants” – Wendy Chuck
“Drive” – Erin Benach
* “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” – Trish Summerville
“Melancholia” – Manon Rasmussen

Excellence in Period Film:
“The Artist” – Mark Bridges
“Jane Eyre ” – Michael O’Connor
“The Help” – Sharen Davis
“Hugo” – Sandy Powell
* “W.E.” – Arianne Phillips

Excellence in Fantasy Film:
* “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2″ – Jany Temime
“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” – Penny Rose
“Red Riding Hood” – Cindy Evans
“Thor” – Alexandra Byrne
“X-Men: First Class” – Sammy Sheldon

Outstanding Made for Television Movie or Miniseries:
* “Downton Abbey” – Susannah Buxton
“The Kennedys” – Christopher Hargadon
“Mildred Pierce” – Ann Roth

Outstanding Contemporary Television Series:
* “Glee” – Lou Eyrich and Jennifer Eve
“Modern Family” – Alix Friedberg
“Revenge” – Jill Ohanneson
“Saturday Night Live” – Tom Broecker and Eric Justian
“Sons of Anarchy” – Kelli Jones

Outstanding Period/Fantasy Television Series:
* “Boardwalk Empire” – John A. Dunn and Lisa Padovani
“The Borgias” – Gabriella Pescucci
“Game of Thrones” – Michele Clapton
“Once Upon Time” – Eduardo Castro
“Pan Am (Series)” – Ane Crabtree


Excellence in Commercial Costume Design:
Carl’s Jr.: “Miss Turkey” – Francine Lecoultre
Dos Equis: “The Most Interesting Man in the World” – Julie Vogel
* Swiffer: “Country Dirt Cowgirl” – Roseanne Fiedler

Watch video highlights from last year’s 2011 Awards show below, with Billy Bob Thornton, Diane Lane, Robert Duvall, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher presenting an award to CD Julie Weiss.


Event Host: Jane Lynch
Lacoste Spotlight Award: Kate Beckinsale
Distinguised Collaborator Award: Clint Eastwood Distinguished Collaborator with Costume Designer Deborah Hopper
Disaronno Career Achievement in Film Award: Marlene Stewart
Career Achievement in Television Award: Lou Eyrich